UNBOX yourself first

Did you ever thought about in which boxes you put yourself? Too big? Too small? Too loud? Too spiritual? Too lazy? Too whatsoever....

We all do that with everybody including ourselves. And we do that because our mind needs something to compare. Our mind needs to get a feeling in which box we belong. Our life is full of boxes. As a kid we don't have boxes. Each and everything is our friend and we love every being. We are one with the world. But as we grow more and more boxes come into our life. As we grow we are even teached to build more boxes. Remember sentences from school talking about "them" or "the others"? We all do that because we all want to belong somewhere. But imagine a world without any boxes. Everybody can be what he or she wants to be and nobody is blaming anyone for that ­čĺą


But - there is always a but. Before you can unbox the world you have to start with yourself first. Only if you know your own boxes, only if you are willing to see and let go you will be able to let them go while looking at others. If you sit and look at other people - what do you think? Be honest with yourself. Are you asking why that person is wearing those awful clothes? Why do they have this kind of colour in their hair? Why are they so loud? And so on. Did you ever notice that we almost "think" in bad terms? We don´t go like "wohhooooo - she looks great! Oh wow, he has a gorgous outfit." We go negative. Almost all the time. And we compare to ourself. So - if you hear yourself talking about others -  listen carefully. Because you compare with yourself or your ideal version. Maybe you chose a day and you write down your thoughts. Write exactly what you think. That is how you will find a few boxes. If you have found your boxes sit with them. Are those boxes necessary? Do you still agree or are you willing to give them up?


There are several ways to give up those boxes. If they feel less important just don┬┤t give them any space. If they pop up in your mind say something like: "Thank you for reminding me, but I don┬┤t agree anymore" and let it flow. Don┬┤t hang on them.


Another one would be like a little fire ritual. Write your thoughts about a certain box down on a piece of paper. Sit with a glass of wine or your favourite drink and burn the paper with your notes. Say "thank you" and look how everything is being burned away. Feel how you start to feel lighter.


We all have boxes in our mind and they help us to cope with life. Some might be helpful, some not. Try to let go of the ones you don┬┤t need. And try to look at others without using any boxes.


Love Nicole


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