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Circle – circles….



So – how many circles did you see on the Guardians of the holy grail? One? Seven? Eight? Ten? Where does it start where does it end? Does it start from the outside? How big does it get? How small does it start. Where does it start?



Well – I was always fascinated by quantum physics. When I was about the age of 14 years I had a discussion about how the world works for me. You may not know, but that was in the mid 80s. If you weren´t a student of physics or anything similar nobody was talking about Quantumphysics. I wanted to know everything about how atoms are working, why they are round and so on. My two friends – who were students of physics had been so annoyed at the end that they gave me a few books so that I just stopped asking them. They came from a very logical and science-proofed way where I came just from what I felt or saw. I couldn´t explain to them, but for me the circle was everywhere. Did you ever ask yourself why a few days old embryo looks like an atom? Why can you create with a single circle the “Flower of life”? (The Flower of life is one of the oldest sacred geometry symbols – found on a temple of Osiris in Egypt which is about 6000 years old).

A few more things to mention. If you draw a circle you need a starting point. But if you don´t mark it you won´t find it anymore. There is no start and no ending. And do you know what? For the current situation we are all in, we do feel trapped and as if we are moving in circles – literally in our own house or just the feeling. There is something that might help. If you walk in circles – stop at each step and watch. Your perspective does change with every move you make. Nothing looks the same. And even if you do a second or third round in the same circle – the perspective changes again. The light changes, the time and you might notice other things than in your first round. So even if you feel trapped – try to look at it from another angle. Maybe try to go your circle backwards and look how far you have come? Or maybe look for one round just in the middle? Can you see the middle?



So – you might see 8 circles around us. Which is great, because 8 is about abundance – the neverending. And by the way – the figure 8 is a zero with a belt on, isn´t it?



You might see one big circle first. The circle with the signs within. The circle where you can say this is inside and that is outside? The circle that marks a middle?




Here we are again – a lot of questions. And you know what? Look for your own answers. Don´t wait for a other people to tell you the truth. They can give you advice and they can give you some information. But they can never tell you your own truth. You are the only one who can do that for you.




If you want to dig into some more information about circles, angels, numbers or life as such, you could try a session with me. You can find all information on my website.


Love Nicole


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