A shout-out to all parents

A shout-out to all parents




This time is crazy and for me as a mother of two kids doing homeschooling…. it is challenging. To be honest sometimes it´s a mess, sometimes it´s okay. But most of the time it is challenging. In the beginning I made a plan. “It´s important to have a schedule” they said. “It´s important to keep the structure” they said. “It´s important that they keep learning and going” they said. In the beginning I said – yes, of course, let´s do this. Now in week six I say – FUCK NO! Why is it so important to keep going? Why is it important to learn all the stuff at the moment instead of trying to let them understand what is going on? Can we just all start to breath instead? And feel?




Most adults – me too by the way – struggle to understand what is going on. How will our world look like in a few months and how to deal with all the insecurity? And then we expect from our kids to sit down and learn about probability, how to separate words or stuff about history. Don´t get me wrong – Education is important. Structure sometimes too. But not today.




If you struggle with your kids – give them a break. Don´t yell at them – it´s hard for them too. Sit with them and let them decide for a few minutes what to do. Just go with the flow. And don´t forget – they are way more empathic then most adults. Which means – they feel you. They feel the insecurity, they feel the fear, they feel the anger – on TOP of theirs. Give them the possibility to handle with their feelings – let them scream, yell, sing, draw, dance or run. They need to express that. If they yell at you while their doing school-stuff – it´s not about you. It´s about their cup being filled way too much. Try to breath and don´t take it on a personal level. It´s not about you. You are doing the best you can. You are there with them.




Again – if you are having a challenging time with your kids – it´s not about you. This is a situation nobody has trained us before. What you are doing right now is the best you can do. Sit with yourself for a minute and say it out loud: “I am doing the best I can do right now”. And so does your kid. Nobody prepared them for this. They need to handle the situation the same way as we need.




If you want you can call upon the Divine Mother with a little prayer:




“Dear divine mother.

Thank you for entering the scene to spread your unconditional love.

Thank you for helping me to give and receive the love I deserve.

Thank you for sharing your light with me.

And so it is. “



(inspired by Kyle Gray and his oracle card)




And keep breathing slowly. I see you, I feel you and I hear you. You are doing the best you can at the moment.










Oracle card by Kyle Gray


Artwork by Yandala




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