Nicole - The Body & Soul Whisperer

I´m Nicole, a body and soul whisperer,  intuitive body reader and certified angel guide (by Kyle Gray). I help my clients to find the clear path out of struggle - whether it´s with your health, family, work or general sense of happiness.


Healing is never a straight line, and no two paths are the same. I create a sacred space to help you navigate back onto your unique path. By listening to the whispers of your soul and your angels I arm you with information and a road map to help you heal yourself und your life. The guidance you´ll receive may include supports for your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being. They will uplevel your energy, guiding you to a state of healing yourself by understanding yourself better.


In my practice I combine all levels of our being. For me it´s more than just the body - it´s our thoughts, emotion and spiritual side. The soul needs attention as well. This is why I combine everything I have learnt along the way. My local sessions are a combination of kinesiology, energy work and cardreading. Everything will be for the highest good of my clients.


For those who can´t make their way to my practice I offer online sessions as well. If possible they are held with Zoom (works similar to Skype/Facetime). All you need is a computer or a mobile device with Zoom on it. It´s also possible to get a written reading.


Ready for the next step? If yes, check out my services below.

Angel Guided Session

An angel guided session is always full of wisdom and guidance for you.

Intuitive Body Scanning

Everything is engergy. Everything you say and that had been said to you is stored in your body