Angel Guided Session

An angel guided Session is full of wisdom and guidance. No matter if you do have a specific question or if you just want to know where to go. An angel guided session can help you to get clear about where to go and what to do.


I´m a certified angel guide (by Kyle Gray). Together we will get in contact with your angels and your soul to receive everything you need to know.


If you can´t make it to my local space I do offer online sessions via Zoom or as an written report.


All sessions via Zoom start with a short meditation. Then you can pick your favourite pack of oracle cards and we dive into the readings. There is always space for questions. We end again with a short meditation.


If you want a written reading I´m going through everything on my own. All I need is your Name, age and your question. I will then do the reading on my own. I will send you a picture of the cards and a written report which is about three to four pages.


All sessions are about one hour. Your investment into a reading will be 55 Euro.


Are you ready to listen to your angels? Then get in contact with me.