Intuitive body Scanning



Everything is energy.


Everything you say and that had been said to you is stored in your body. And not only everything from this life, but also from your lineage. Imagine the power within you!


But what if all these stored energy got stuck or doesn´t flow anymore? Energy can create "dis-ease" on a physical level. Energetical blocks can become very painful although you won´t see anything on a x-ray. I can "tune" into your energy field and scan your body. You will get a detailed report about your blocks and chakras. You will also get advice how to transform your blocks to get your engergy back into flow.


You will get a detailed written report about what is going on in your body and how you will be able to transfrom your energy back to flow.


You don´t need to be at my local place because I can do this from a distance.


A session needs about one hour of my time and your investment will be 55 Euro.


Want to get back into your power. Get in contact with me for a session.